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Bathroom upgrade done by 1CONNECT. Call today for a free estimate 205-259-8180.


Laminate flooring installed in sunroom.

Every home can benefit from a camera doorbell & camera floodlight system. Call 1CONNECT to get yours installed to better secure your home.


If you need main sewer drain repairs, we've got you covered. No job too big or too small for us. 


If you would like a TV mounted without those unsightly wires showing, call 1CONNECT. 

IMG_20190131_210220_636 (1).jpg

Call 1CONNECT to hang your next TV.

Nope, no wires...


If you need a bridge or a deck built, call 1CONNECT. We've got you covered. 

Call 1CONNECT when you need a TV professionally mounted securely and without the wires showing.

Call us to give your current shower a facelift!


If you need your car or home checked for hidden cameras, hidden microphones or GPS tracking devices, call 1CONNECT. We do that too!


Customer wanted their single vanity turned into a double vanity, so that's what we gave them. 


We do small repair jobs also.


Need screen repair for your cell phone, tablet, or laptop? Call 1CONNECT for a free repair quote.


Roof & rotted wood repaired by 1CONNECT due to water damage. Added slope to roof in order to prevent future problems.

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